Non-Contact Thermometer

Fever Detection with Alarm. Wall-Mounted Body Thermometer with Bluetooth.

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  • QUICK TESTING - The Infrared Thermometer accurately measures individual’s body temperature in under one second. The reading is taken when an individual places his/her forehead 2-4 inches away from the thermometer. If within normal range it flashes green and sounds alarms with red light if temperature is at fever grade or higher.
  • NON-CONTACT - The device is non-contact which helps avoid cross-infections. The thermometer can be operated without human assistance and the results can be later extracted on the computer.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE - Can be used in offices, restaurants, bars, shops, railway stations, subway entrances, bus stations, airports; schools, hospitals, museums, theaters, cinemas. The thermometer will make customers and employees feel and be safer which will attract business during these hard times.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - The thermometer comes with easy installation instructions. You can mount the thermometer using nails, hooks, brackets or included double-sided strong adhesive tape. The thermometer is powered by an internal rechargeable battery or an included USB charging cord.

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  • How close does a thermometer detect temperature?
    Body temperature is detected within 2-4 inches away from the thermometer.
  • How accurate is the device?
    The temperature accuracy will be in .18F range of a true value.
  • How does the alarm system work?
    The alarm goes off on factory settings at 100F. If someone has a temperature higher than a 100, the alarm will go off for 2 seconds and the red lights will turn on for 2 seconds. You can change the temperature at which the alarm goes off through the app.
  • Is it recommended for it just to remain plugged in at all times for best results?
    Results will not change if it is plugged in or using the battery or both.
  • What height do you recommend mounting it?
    There is no restrictions on the mounting height. You should mount it at your desired height. We would recommend 5’6 feet from the ground.
  • How long does a thermometer last?
    The approximate lifespan of the wall mounted thermometer is 100,000 scans.

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